Friday, April 10, 2015

Review: Essence My Skin Line

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Today's review is from Essence My Skin Line. This line is dermatologically approved so it's not likely to cause any nasty skin reaction unless you have super sensitive and reactive skin, if so I'd suggest you look for professional advice before trying any new skin care products.

This product is very affordable and from a very much loved brand (at least for me). It's especially developed for young skin, it provides your skin protection, moisture and freshness. This cream has a lovely lime and cucumber scent which is very appealing, it feels cool and calm when you moisturizing. The box says it's for all skin types and it's oil free which is great because, I don't really like moisturizers with an oily feel. It has a very slight, subtle shimmer to it which does create a bit of a "glow" which for me is absolutely great because it really gives a more awake and radiant appearance to my skin. I also had no bad reaction to it which is also great.

Overall it's a very good product, it also comes at such a good price and they are perfect for those tighter budget months.

They are super safe - so don't be afraid to try them!

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